Trend in 2021 for Shapes and Sizes of Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

  When it comes to tiles for the kitchen as well as the bathroom, this year has been a year for bigger, longer and wider planks, and this trend is expected to stick around for a while to come. The strange thing may be that while people are choosing larger tiles, they are also going for thinner materials than in the past.  Sizes still include basic 12×24 inches, but at times they go up to extra large format tiles slabs like 24 x 48, 30 x 60, 48 x 48 inches.

Porcelaine tile 12 x 24. Tile trend in 2021
Bathroom Tiles 12 X 24 inches. Job done by"Best Home Improvement VA LLC"

Cons and Pros of extra large format porcelain tiles

        Pros of Extra Large Tiles

  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Less problems with tile grout.
  • Minimum Mold issues.
  • Longevity

        Cons of Extra Large Tiles 
  • Expensive delivery.
  • Increase of tile installation labor cost.
  • Increase of installation material cost.
Concrete look porcelaine tile. Tile trend in 2021
Concrete looks tile design 12 X 48 inches

  A simple reason people are choosing larger, longer and wider tile planks is because they make the room look bigger and it opens up even a smaller space. These large format type tiles work even better to make the room larger if you choose them in a light color, and they also have less grout lines, which means less to clean since many people hate cleaning out grout.

  When it comes to choosing the shape of a tile floor, several stick out. One of which is Hexagon Tile for floors. They are considered a classic look that first started being popular in the 20th century, and give your home a vintage look. The trend going into the future appears to be this sort of shape mixed with black, white and grey colors to provide a minimalist look.

Hexagon Tile. 2021 Tile trending design
Hexagon carrara marble bathroom floor "Best home Improvement VA LLC"

What about other traditional shapes? Well, square tile has been popular in the past, but not anymore. Instead folks are choosing unusual shapes like penny rounds and arabesque. People are even picking strange ones like tiles shaped like fish, stars or scallops and becoming more adventurous in the bath and the kitchen.

Bathroom Tile trend 2021. Glass scallop rile
Scallop white - glass mosaic shower wall tile

Some people are bringing back the geometric and Parquet style tile floors, and what used to merely be used for kitchen backdrops is appearing on floors as well. Some of this trend also includes herringbone and chevron patterns for tile floors, especially long plank types of herringbone patterns. These are similar but a chevron floor has to be angled a certain way so it comes together in a point, though there are some kinds of ceramic that actually includes the chevron shape in it structure.

Chevron Marble tile
Chevron tile patern
Herringbone pattern. Tile trends 2021
Herringbone tile patern

Then there’s people who want to mix sizes, shapes and colors if they feel more artsy and have done things like making it look like bricks, hopscotch and even a mix similar to a kaleidoscope. Plus they are mixing width when it comes to the tile that looks like wood to make it similar to panels.

 The concrete look is also very trendy at the moment, and so is tiles that resemble wood, which is available in planks u to 48 inches and in several lengths. They are quite realistic looking when made to resemble concrete, wood or stone due to the availability ink jet technology, while users gain the advantages of using porcelain tiles, as well as their durability.

There are also rectangular shaped tiles in different sizes, but if you go for the tiles that look like wood or are vinyl or laminate, the best sizes are between six to eight inches wide as 24 to 48 inches in length.

All in all, these days you can choose from several sizes, shapes and styles when you put down a tile floor in your kitchen or bathroom.